Warren Bobrow reviews Mosby's Spirit on Foodista

In yet another very entertaining and informative review, Warren Bobrow lays out the history of Moonshine in a brief review of three artisan products:  Mosby's Spirit, Few's White Whiskey, and Tuthilltown's spirit:

Sharp on the nose, sweet eco-ganic grains give way to vanilla elements and candy sugar finish. Cork finished bottle is a nice way of showing that the quality of the product within is carefully made and cared for, right down to the packaging. No screw tops here! The flavors of freshly toasted Rye bread smeared with sweet butter and spicy apricot jam comes into view. There is toasted rye bread in every sip, along with a light burn in the mouth. Un-aged Rye takes on notes of hoe-cakes drenched in maple syrup with vanilla like notes on the finish. Some say this White Whiskey tastes like Tequila! This is tasty stuff- I see a white “Margarita” cocktail when I sip this spirit.

Read the full review here.  There's also a smashing cocktail with the review, which we've included here.

Viva Tysons Magazine covers Catoctin Creek

In their March/April 2012 issue, Viva Tysons Magazine does a feature story on our distillery:

After one particular trip to Ireland, where the Harrises spent time at the Bushmills [distillery]--the oldest distillery where Irish whisky is made--Scott decided that he wanted to open a distillery near their Virginia home.
"It was a crazy idea and my wife really didn't think I would do it," the 41 year-old says.  "I kept thinking back to the Bushmills [distillery] and being on that factory floor with those massive copper kettles and stills and seeing the entire production, and I said to myself, 'I want this.'"

You can read the full story, below, or get your copy near Tysons, McLean, Falls Church, Great Falls, Oakton or Vienna.

Viva Tysons Cover Viva Tysons Page 1 Viva Tysons Page 2

Catoctin Creek Watershed Gin receives silver medal in blind tasting at The Fifty Best

Watershed GinThe Fifty Best recently conducted a formal blind tasting of 24 gins, and our own Catoctin Creek Watershed Gin received a silver medal in the tasting:

Nose: Floral, juniper, herbal, sweet citrus, honey, sweet buttercream frosting, fig, tangerine, raisin bran, cucumber. Palate: Pine resin, juniper, citrus notes, herbal spice, coriander, hot nutmeg, spice, botanicals, Earl Grey tea, citrus, raisin, flowers, licorice, anise, mint, menthol, oily, nice, good complexity. Finish: Juniper, cinnamon, minerals, light pepper, smooth, even, hot.

Silver Medal
Silver Medal

Read the entire article, with tasting notes of all the winners at The Fifty Best. reviews Catoctin Creek

I can think of no better Valentine's gift than to get a beautiful review from Kevin Kosar on our Roundstone Rye whisky.  Along with Becky, Kevin was one of the other guests on the Kojo Nnambi show back in January.  We're really thrilled that he enjoyed the whisky so much:

Rated **** - At a whiskey tasting party we attended a year ago, three ryes were set out and this one was preferred by most tipplers. That is because most ryes tend to be peppery, which makes them a bit intense for many drinkers.

Read the full review here.

Kashrus Magazine reviews Catoctin Creek

In their March 2012 issue, Kashrus Magazine does a feature story called "INFUSION, The New Challenge For Bourbon and Rye" which describes the perils of port and wine cask aging for many new Bourbons and ryes on the market today. Alongside this feature is a piece called "The New Kosher Liquors" which just happens to feature our spirits prominently!

Beginning with their initial run, the majority of the distillery's products... have been made under the supervision of "Star K" Kosher Certification.

One of the most interesting is Catoctin Creek's Roundstone Rye®. This smooth, tawny colored rye is aged for a few months in new white oak barrels. It has flavors and aromas of vanilla, oak, caramel, lemon, and allspice. A pleasant sipping whiskey, Roundstone Rye is also a good choice for use in bitters-driven cocktails, such as the Old Fashioned.

Read the full review here. L'chaim!

Warren Bobrow reviews Roundstone Rye on Foodista

Warren Bobrow is a funny dude.  His near stream-of-consciousness writing is a zany romp with a mixologist who doesn't play by the rules.  But you know what?  His cocktails work BEAUTIFULLY!  Why be the same? Different is more fun!

Warren wrote a very flattering review of our Roundstone Rye on Foodista.  We were tickled he enjoyed the spirit so much:

The Catoctin Creek product is lush and gorgeous in the mouth.  I think what I like most about it is the nose.  It has a sugarcane nose and a Maple Syrup finish.

So when I opened the cork finished bottle (nice touch!) of the Roundstone Rye I was immediately struck by how delicious the first taste was!  Creamy on the finish, a slight burn from the brooding 80 proof heat.

Read the full review here.

Tasting Panel reviews Watershed Gin in their "Gin-uary" Issue

Tasting Panel January 2012Tasting Panel has declared January to be "Gin-uary" with an extensive write-up on many new gins, from both large and craft producers.  We were thrilled that Watershed Gin was particularly called out in the article:

Launched in 2009, Catoctin Creek Watershed Gin is an artisanal gem made in Virginia by Catoctin Creek Distilling Company.  Like all of the spirits in the craft distiller's portfolio, the small batch gin is [a] slice of luxury.

Read the full review here.

Warren Bobrow reviews Watershed Gin on Foodista

Warren Bobrow does a nice review of our Watershed Gin on Foodista:

And I know a hand-crafted product when I taste it.  This one is creamy, touched by white flowers and simple syrup- yet not sweet by any means.

Read the full review here.

DC Brau Penn Quarter Porter Launch

We've been getting some nice coverage in the local press for our collaboration with DC Brau.  On Monday, January 30, DC Brau is launching their Penn Quarter Porter at Boundary Stone on 116 Rhode Island Avenue NW in DC.  This beer has been aging for six months in our used Roundstone Rye barrels, and the whisky definitely imparts a strong vanilla note into the beer.  Should be yummy!

Nice of the Washington Post and Urban Daddy to pick up the story.

Sneaky Peaks in Tasting Panel

Browsing through the December issue of Tasting Panel, I noticed our spirits in not one, two, but three separate bar photos, alongside Derek Brown of The Passenger, The Columbia Room and Rogue 24, and the Ari and Micah Wilder of Pearl Dive Oyster Palace.  Nice!


Tasting Panel

Double Coverage in Flavor Magazine

We were thrilled this month to show up in two places in Flavor Magazine's Winter 2011 issue.  The first was in "Our Top Picks" for rye whiskey:

The folks at Catoctin Creek are cooking up something special in Loudoun County.  The first distillery in the county since before Prohibition, it is producing small-batch artisan liquors from only eco-ganic ingredients.  The Roundstone Rye has a fruity, delicate nose with notes of rainwater, flowers and fresh apples.  The palate is a bit more assertive, laced with caramel and holiday spices, but never harsh or overly fiery on the way down.

And once more, a few pages later in their "Loca-Pour" segment, a nice cocktail recipe called "Snow in Loudoun" featuring the work of Zinc, a great restaurant in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Look for the Winter 2011 issue of Flavor on newsstands near you.

New York Jewish Week: A Great Winter Warmer

New York Jewish Week

Shalom! once again to our Jewish friends in New York City. Gamliel Kronemer once again reports on the growing concern about the kashrut of whiskey, and a couple of small distillers addressing the need.  Along with Catoctin Creek, he highlights our friends at Koval Distillery in Chicago.  (Way to go, Robert and Sonat!)

All whiskeys were once almost universally considered kosher. But in the last few decades the kashrut of whiskey has come up for debate.

Until recently only Scotch whisky, with its sherry-cask aging, had been of concern to most kashrut authorities. In 2008, however, the London Beth Din, one of the world’s leading kosher certifiers of distilled spirits, questioned the kashrut of most Irish whiskies, and in 2010, the Association of Kashrus Organizations, an umbrella organization for American kashrut agencies, raised doubts about whiskey products from the one of America’s largest distillers, the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

As a result of these growing concerns many whiskey producers are now seeking kosher certification, and among the growing list of kosher-certified producers are two of America’s newest — and smallest — distilleries.

Read the rest of the story here.

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