Esquire Cocktail of the Week: The Mt. Vernon


The Mt. VernonEsquire Magazine featured a cocktail by John Reusing (owner of Bad Decisions Bar in Baltimore) as their cocktail of the week:

My goal in designing this drink was to make a dryer and spicier version of the classic Manhattan. I had many customers looking for a dry, whiskey-based drink, so I set out to make something that was less sweet than most traditional whiskey drinks. I like Catoctin Creek because it has a lot of great spicy notes from the rye.

Read more at Esquire, or check out the cocktail on our cocktail page.

Kashrus Magazine Reviews Catoctin Creek

Kashrus Magazine did a nice story on the distillery, and why we decided to go kosher.  From the review:

Rather than attempting to "rate" this whiskey, I'll just mention that I donated a bottle to my shul's (after-davening) "Kiddush club", and it disappeared a whole lot faster than most of the other whiskeys.

For the entire story, check out Kashrus Magazine online, here.

Multiple Local News Outlets Covering Our Expansion

We kind of figured the news of our new building purchase, the expansion of our production, and our move to Main Street would be big local news. Lots of the local papers picked up the story:

Wine and Spirits Magazine Reviews Roundstone Rye

Wine and Spirits Magazine did a nice review on our Roundstone Rye in their October 2012 issue piece called "Wild Whiskey". Lou Bustamante writes:

With more small producers in the whiskey game, innovation is at an all-time high. And the competition they offer has inspired larger distilleries to put out new bottlings, the best of which highlight exceptional barrels from their rickhouses. Here's some compelling proof.

Here is the Roundstone Rye  review from the story:

Wine and Spirits Review

Thanks, Lou, for the nice review!

Reviewed on JewMalt: Roundstone Rye Cask Proof

JewMaltMassively awesome review on the Roundstone Rye Cask Proof release from JewMalt, and when I say awesome, I mean Lou Ferrigno awesome:

I really enjoy their standard 40% ABV version of this rye whisky but tasting this in cask proof makes this whisky shine like a rye diamond.  A wonderful springtime whisky.  Fine whisky – kudos to the Catoctinians on this one!

Read the full story, here.

NPR Food Blog: Barrel Quest


The NPR Food Blog, called The Salt, did a neat story about the life of a barrel, from Kentucky and craft distillers all over the U.S.A., to it's eventual use in hot sauce and maple syrup production:

In Purcellville, Va., Scott and Becky Harris of Catoctin Creek Distilling will have 150 once used barrels at the end of 2012. Some will be sold to the general public for patio furniture and other decorative items, but most will go to area restaurants Boundary Stone and Mad Fox Brewing Company.

Recently, a perfect recylcing circle was created when a friend of the Harris' contacted another friend who owns a maple farm. Now, Pennsylvania-harvested maple syrup is being aged in used Catoctin whiskey barrels. And now, Langdon Wood Syrup is sold at the Catoctin distillery store.

Read the full story, here.

Kosher Whisky at Jewish News One

Jewish News One did a feature story on our distillery, and the reasons we chose to go kosher with our spirits:

All good businesses need a niche, a particular part of the market they can exploit to make the most of their product. And that's exactly what a husband and wife team have done here in Virginia in a warehouse not much bigger than an over-sized garage. They're producing one of the most successful kosher products on the east coast of America. A business built on barrels and bottles inspired by a life-long passion. After years of working with chemicals and computers Becky and Scott Harris wanted to pour their energy into something different.

Read the full story, here.

Luri and Wilma Magazine

Luri and Wilma

Luri and Wilma did a wonderful, fun and zany write-up of our distillery in their summer home issue.  Even Frank got a special mention!

What we took a liking to was the duo's au naturel zero-waste attitude. Everything involved in the spirit-making process at the catoctin creek camp is reused, payed forward, sourced locally or ecoganic

Read the full story, here.

Luri and Wilma


American Way Magazine

American Way

Joseph Guinto wrote a story on the emergence of legal moonshine for American Way magazine July 2012 issue, and he gave Mosby's Spirit a particularly nice write-up:

But as I lift the glass of Mosby’s Spirit for a taste, it reveals itself to be one friendly­ ghost. There is a smooth flavor of rye up front, a pleasant sweetness on the ­midpalate and a back end full of sass. Even with the finishing kick, it’s a revelation to me that unaged grain alcohol can taste this refined and delicious.

Read the full story, here.

Coverage on Our New York City Launch

Last week was a big week for us.  We launched our spirits into New York City and Brooklyn, and rolled out in a host of high profile restaurants and stores, including the historic Brandy Library in Tribeca, Astor Wine & Spirits in Midtown, and the Whiskey Shop in Brooklyn.

Leesburg Today was the first to pick up the news, Therese Howe reporting:

With only two years of operation under his belt, Scott Harris is taking on the Big Apple and expanding the business with this week's launch of Catoctin Creek Distilling Co. spirits at several restaurants, clubs and liquor stores in New York City.

“We picked a variety of really awesome clubs, high profile places where we wanted to show our stuff, do some tastings and and create a little buzz, no pun intended,” he said in a phone interview from New York City.

Read more at Leesburg Today.

And then, our local friend and comics editor, Tea, posted a lovely piece on Nommable:

... I went down to the distillery in January and met Scott’s wife, Becky, and got to sit in on a special session where they taught us about the distillation process. I already knew a little bit about distilling, but this really improved my knowledge. I also got to play with their bottling line, which was INCREDIBLY AWESOME, and reminded me a lot of playing whack-a-mole, but with gin!

Read more at Nommable.

The Kosher Spirit Review

Yehoshua Werth of The Grapevine Wine and Spirits Shop reviews both our Mosby's Spirit, Roundstone Rye, and Watershed Gin in the following two videos.



10 Ways to Toast World Cocktail Week

Jessica Voelker does us a mitzvah in the Best Bites blog at Washingtonian:  "Drink Local!"

That said, with distilleries popping up all over, it's a fun time to sample new spirits.  Popular whiskey, gin, and brandy maker Catoctin Creek in Purcellville, Virginia, offers tours and tastings and is widely available at Washington bars.

Read the full article here.

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